Monday, 17 June 2013

Overseas internet spending is killing off Australian retail, but don't blame the GST.

Spending Overseas.

We all, particularly minimalists, want to save a buck or two when possible.  Much of what I believe to be minimalism pertains to freeing time and money and redirecting it towards more worthy endeavours.  So what about overseas shopping, I must admit I have done a lot of it in the past, simply because in some cases it has saved me more than 60% on what I would have paid here in Australia.  There is however another side to this coin, and that is the potential for job losses if our spending dollars end up overseas.  As a minimalist I believe I should have as little negative impact on others as possible, so what damage am I doing when I spend overseas ??

The linked article above looks at some of the dangers facing our retail industry when Aussie Dollars wander into the pockets of overseas suppliers.  Personally I try to buy Australian when I can, but if it means I save $600 on a sale then unfortunately I will be buying where the price is best.  I am not sure what the answer to this conundrum is, any comments on this one would be greatly appreciated.


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