Friday, 28 June 2013

Freecycle, Your Weekend Clean out.

Clean out the rubbish.
I would like to throw you a challenge for the weekend, I do the same thing on a regular basis.
Take some time either Saturday or Sunday and pick one or two rooms in your house.
In each room collect any old rubbish and take it to the dump.
After you have cleaned out any worthless rubbish go back to the same rooms and identify anything you have that has not been used in the last three years.  If the items are non essential and you feel comfortable parting with them you should give them the BOOT.  Last time I did this I ended up selling my boat, sure I love boating but it had been three years since my last fishing trip, just didn't seem worth keeping it anymore, plus the $7000 I got for it helped me through a tight financial time.  I don't even miss the boat now.  Sometimes we hold onto things simply because we can, adding to our clutter and distraction levels.
If you are not quite at the point where you want to take this step, just begin with items you identify as rubbish.  Remember however if you do want to have a serious clean out the items you don't or can't sell will be happily received by charity organisations or on Freecycle.  The link below is to my local Freecycle network, I can not recommend this site more highly, good people giving away perfectly good items.  If you have not signed up already make sure you do, it's all free and offers a great community service.

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