Thursday, 13 June 2013

Minimalism - Not for You??

Minimalism Not for you ??

What are your aspirations in life, what is important to you?  Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their personal view.  Debate between peers can be interesting and healthy but attacking another for holding a particular view is closed minded and selfish.
The link above is to a site that disputes the worth of a minimalistic lifestyle.  For most this is actually true, they see no worth in it at all.  I believe that most of us actually have far more than we need, but as I said it is up to the individual to USE their time for whatever pursuits they see fit.  I am not saying their lifestyle is wrong, but I will say that I can see a far more fulfilling way to live (my opinion only).  Have a read of the article and see how your life rules align, or not, with the points made.  It is always best to research both sides of the fence.  Notice though how just about every point made revolves around having, winning, or gaining something...  Do you want more to have less, or do you want to live with less to have MORE?

More food for thought!!

~~ James Miller ~~

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