Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chasing Dreams

As you may have noticed I am a great advocate for sharing links, quotes and other blog sites.  My reason for being here is not fame or fortune.
I just want to share my experience of being a minimalist and hopefully encourage others to see life and it's priorities from a different vantage point.
So today I would like to share a link to another website, the article really has some food for thought.  Have a read and encourage yourself to greater things.

How Minimalism Lets You Do What You Love.

"Less Stuff Means Fewer Commitments", "An Untethered Lifestyle."

Sounds great to me, actually it sounds like how I lived as a child, do you remember way back then.... When you didn't have money worries, when you didn't own very much, when life was SIMPLE.
Minimalism can offer you this and much more.  You will never breathe a deeper sigh of relief, feel more untethered or light of spirit than when you begin to live life free of the chains.


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