Friday, 31 May 2013

Eyes Wide Closed.

Before I publish my next post I have a quick quote to share.  Although I keep my spiritual beliefs private for the most part, this quote holds significant weight for me.

"Satan has blinded the eyes of those that believe not" - The bible

Why do I find this quote interesting??  It is not because it comes from the bible, many religious texts and ideologies interest me.... What is it then.... ??

For me this quote holds an indubitable truth.  It basically means that if you are closed off to an idea you cannot expect to see any truth or purpose in that idea.  Minimalism requires that you take intentional steps towards change with your eyes wide open and your purpose SIMPLE and CLEAR.  It requires us to move outside our comfort zones and evaluate life from a differnet vantage point, only then can we understand Minimalism and embrace its essence.
James Miller

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